Goa is like a fridge, coz everyone is chillin out there!

That night when I restlessly tuck myself in bed I didn’t expect that a dream I had since so long would ever come true so early thanks to the constant busy life that needs my attention from time to time I have been so involved living in…

I’ve had friends, relatives, colleagues all the ones around me talk about holidaying on one of the most famous tourist spot at any time through the year either going as solo backpackers or with a group of homies to just relax and take a break simply…Aha you got it! Yes, Goa is the dream I’v had since very long and I’ve always wished that everytime someone spoke about it I could just fly and transport myself in a quick jiffy right there , not as easy as u dream but it could be true was the hope  if i got an opportunity to live it and all I had  to do was just plan properly.


There are times when your either tied up with work, have deadlines to finish or simply pushing yourself to an extent to make ends meet with no room to plan and do your favourite things like travel to places you’v never been to or wish to but are scared cause you might end up being disappointed with exploring places that won’t really match up to your expectation making a big hole in ur pockets by spending on anything and everything coming your way on the trip and at times like these a travel buddy by your side can be a great saviour to help you out and most obviously get your plan working and set it right.

Skyscanner was the opportunity that I got to travel to my dream place Goa with all travel expenses paid but to a set budget of Rs.1,00,000.

I was getting all these butterflies in my tummy thinking where, when and how am I going to plan the itenary of the to do list to my destination-dream-holiday-place….While humming the Go Goa Aha Aha I immediately logged in to www.skyscanner.co.in to further book the tickets and compare prices with great quality expectation.


I planned the trip for 2 people as me and my bhai bhai (brother) like I call him, two as a company are insane as hell….we laugh, joke, comment, trouble each other and are sometimes little too much to handle at the same time…ask my mom about that.

Anyway back to planning I planned a trip of 9 nights 8 days with all the price check and direct stop to goa which would take me there in exact 1hour 5minutes from the departure time and a cost for 2 would sum upto Rs. 14,978.

Flight Booking
Flight Booking

Next was a Hotel to look for the stay which was near to the beaches as I’ve always wanted to atleast spend a day and night dancing on the beach with long walks at sunset and just watch the calm sea touch my feet tickling me like little baby fishes nibbling onto you.

Hotel Booking
Hotel Booking

I simply chose MyKonos Blu Hotel was cause it’s a 15mins walk from baga beach and market with free wi-fi services to connect to the map for places to explorearound and get a review from was a bonus and beaches like anjuna,calangute,vagator were a 5 minute driveaway plus the greek interiors of the hotel assured that the stay would be exciting and the cost was approximated to Rs.36,024/-

Picture4 Picture5

Okay now lemme simply check ,flight tickets and hotel booking:

Rs 14,978 + Rs 36,024 = Rs 51,002 /-

There were  places I had to visit on My List without giving it a miss, I did have time on my side this time:


  • Mandrem Beach
  • Agonda Beach
  • Baga Beach
  • Candolim Beach
  • Cavelossim Beach
  •  Anjuna Beach
  • Kakolem Beach


  • Friday Mapusa Market
  • Banastarim Bazar
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Mapusa Market
  • Saturday Night Markets

Historical Places: 

  • The Aguada Fort
  • The Chapora Fort
  • Se Cathedral Church
  • Church of St. Alex
St. Francis Xavier Church
St. Francis Xavier Church

Next were beaches of Candolim, Calangute and Baga the most famous of Goa’s northern belt. Teeming with tourists, the shacks lining it’s fringe invite you to sink your toes into the cool sand and succumb to a glass of chilled beer. kingfish, tiger prawns, squid and mussels fried in semolina or in a sauce of garlic butter keep good company as I watched the sun carry out it’s daily dive into the Arabian sea.


Zanzibar: Bang on Baga beach, Zanzibar is famous for it’s friendly staff and the owner’s dog Pepper who lazily roamed around the place. Electronic music, set to the various moods of the day along with the places’ cocktails and continental appetisers is a favourite among the younger holiday crowd.

Cape Town Cafe: The world meets at this Baga lounge bar. The perfect place to make friends will fellow travellers from the world over.  Ushering  the tourist season in Goa, the Final Waves parties were held in full spree and enthusiasm  at Cafe Del Mar, Zanzibar, Cafe Mambo and Cape Town.


Shivas: Laxmi shack on Baga beach served mind numbing cold coffees strengthened with brandy that hit ud harder than a long island ice tea. goa-tourism

To travel in and around Goa we had to go around by roadway as road trips have their own little story to tell and it’s a thrill to be behind the wheels hopping from one place to another a two wheeler seemed a little unsafe so a car was the best option and skyscanner again helped suiting my needs perfectly.



So I selected a compact car cause  it’s spacious and would fit few shopping bags as I would stop everywhere to get all those creative stuff  loaded in the backseat of the car.And the rent-a-car or hire a car would cost about Rs.2,580 per day so a total of  Rs.23,225 for the 8 days I plan to stay there..

This would sum up the entire cost to Rs.14,978 + Rs. 36024 + Rs. 23225 = Rs. 74,227 /- with a big save of Rs. 25,773/- which was a a huge save surpass my expectation, yayiee so happyyy!


Goa is also such a romantic place for couples and i vividly remember admiring watching this one couple that had booked for dinner date in the middle of the sea…That little love feeling started to tingle in me I did hope to be in that romantic place with someone special soon someday.


The handicraft markets for those jholas and souveniers  done with so much of love would make me buy them not in one and two but so many that it made wonder for who exactly would I be purchasing them all for but i just couldn’t resist hoarding up on all of them, they were all so colorful and that neon bag , Ahh! it makes a dull day so happy!

Mapusa Market

What I did observe was that most of the beaches in north are quiet popular hence crowded (calangute ,baga) and so these beaches have lost their pristine beauty and have become more of centers for commerce and trade,places where even substandard goods are quiet expensive. Exactly opposite is the case with beaches in southern Goa beaches are less known and less visited however beaches like Palolem are a great feast for eyes. The place was surrounded with coconut palms and there was a beautiful view of a hillock surrounded by sea.

The other few places I visited were:

Anjuna/Vagator/Chapora: This side of the Goan coast line was made famous for it’s hippie culture and as the birthplace of Goa trance. Today – one of the most famous tourist spots, these three beaches are a standing memory to the flower power days of the past.

Curlies: Voted the best shack in North Goa, Curlies is known for their trance music and menagerie of tourists. I occupied a divan on the deck and enjoy a stellar view of Anjuna beach

Thalassa: This Greek restaurant in Vagator was the definition of quality food. My bro was  looking for a break from the Goan fare stop by for a plate of their Mediterranean best.

Hilltop: Another trance hub, Hilltop is an open air dance floor with DJs from the world over playing Euro, psy and other genres of trance. I Enjoyed a simple omelette pao under a coconut tree so lavishly.

Munches: I kept gulping from a range of healthy juices, herbal teas and milkshakes at Munches in Vagator. This restaurant served wholesome sandwiches, pancakes and other desserts too.

Chapora fort: Chapora fort offered me a panoramic view of the coast line and was a challenging day trek,fun not to forget.

Arambol: The beach belt of Morjim, Arambol right up to Keri beach is often regarded as the Russian part of Goa because of the shoals of Russian tourists who frequent these places. With summer in full swing, the place was less crowded and was a treat  looking for an empty beach to hang out on.
The sweet water lake: A strip of sand away from Arambol beach the sweet water lake rests in a nook between rocks and surrounded on two sides by thick vegetation. The cool water invited me to flip on my back and simply stare at the sky.
Fellini: The pizza menu at Fellini is confounding, to say the least. There are no-cheese pizzas, four cheese pizzas, folded pizzas and toppings of assorted seafood, meat and vegetables. Baked in a wood fire oven these are thin-crust delights, yummy they were.

Psy Bar: When I craved for the party vibe of Anjuna, swing by Psy Bar, a dusky restobar with murals of fluorescent planets and ‘full power’ psychedelic trance music.

Drum circle: Evening at Arambol beach was full of yoga practitioners and various performers. Among them were a group of musicians, professional and amateur who got together with their drums for an impromptu music session.

I was back with so many photographs and clips with thousand splendid memories running each time at the back of my head…No wonder people keep saying Goa is 364 days on a holiday!

Last but not the least thank you Skyscanner for making my dream come true it was the most marvellous experience that helped me even more to connect with my inner self….you were just too good! Kudos!

This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com


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