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Re-do my lil Den!

From new year to holi and from diwali to christmas, every month throughout the year is buzzing with so many festivities. And festivities to me means a time of love,joy,happiness and celeberation together. Alot of new memories in the making, planning and celeberating the togetherness of good times and sharing those smiles and laughter with so much of enthusiasm with my closed ones.

2years back i had to move away from home, as my job being a banker demanded a temporary shift for sometime. Staying as a paying guest with a colleague of mine at Uncle Jim’s house had a huge restriction list to follow…yeah like literally…no coming home late after 9pm, no boozing, no guy friends over, no loud music, no pets n blah blah. We as the ones in need of shelter in the middle of the year had to abide and follow the rules but six months later when there was pretty enough money in the kitty we decided to shift out and rent a place nearby to our workplace. The best part was it was a broker who we knew so he got it done in cheap within no time. It’s been a year and a half now that we haven’t got the place renovated but this time we thought of something different as my parents would be visiting bangalore and the place im living in ofcourse, at the end of the year. I couldn’t afford an interior decorator as it would burn a big hole in my pocket with my taste clashing on the smallest thing they would suggest making changes on so i instantly opened up my laptop and hit the site that a friend on blogadda referred to me. I was in such awe to find a variety of so many things right from furniture to decorative items for my shelf and from glass door film to crockery for the kitchen it had my eyes so fixed on it. So here’s what i did picking up 3 main things that would dominate and give an uplift to my otherwise boring just a house to make a home to live in! From Ethnic, Contemporary, Minimalistic, Casual, Chic, High-Tech, Retro and more , I chose for something minimalistic yet contemporary!

Let me describe my little den to you firstly, It’s a 1BHK on the top most floor of the building with the entrance door when opened up faces a wall with a huge mirror on it as i feel it is a must to see yourself in it while entering and leaving the house to feel good about the way you look and just incase you don’t miss on any accessories complementing your attire for the day in a hurry. While you take a left a narrow passage with dim lights and a mini chandelier leads you to the main living room. My living room is painted in off white as dad had once said light colors up the wall would make even a small space look so spacious.


1.ABS Wall Clock – Pan011

Now for the walls up the living room right above the TV Cabinet set i chose this beautiful wall clock that is so multi colored and vibrant with all the otherwise solid color work done dominating my living area. They say that the true value of time is to snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination and never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.This clock is an artifact that spells perfection and enigma and surely decorates the wall it is hung on to. The colors on it being red for love, blue for calm, yellow for cheerful, green for delight and white for peace make a perfect blend of color blocking on the walls my house. A perfect piece to remind me how fast life is ticking and i hope not to blink and miss it so be on the go for it.


Product Code: MMH000000000142

Brand: Panache

 2014-08-25 00.50.19


2. Swayam Diwan set, (Set of 6 Pcs) – DWN16-3002

For am not the type having large sofas occupying spaces as it looks so formal instead a diwan to lay back and lie down with cushions surrounding all over so that i can hug one and punch two, roll over and sleep when anxious or have them all as a defence wall like a safeguard incase i would fall off from my sleep. From the one end of the wall i have a big hanging lamp from the ceiling left loose and sets a perfect ambience on a cold night to curl up on d diwan and read a novel, leave the windows open and fall off to sleep with a cold breeze brushing through my feet. They say “You cry and you scream and you stomp your feet and you shout. You say, ‘You know what? I’m giving up, I don’t care.’ And then you go to bed and you wake up and it’s a brand new day, and you pick yourself back up again.” That’s exactly how i want it to be and this dark maroon color diwan set just gives it such an ethnic feeling with those beautiful prints on it. I must recommend this to like minded people like me.

Product Code: MMH000000008831

Brand: Swayam


2014-08-25 00.50.57


3.  The Yellow Door Nesting Table (Set Of 3)

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary.The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens. This dark brown wooden side table rested on a side across the bedroom would be the best thing to keep my laptop, rest a photo frame or keep all the necessary items i would want to carry along without forgetting it while hurrying up. Moreover the small one is 11.5 x 9.75 x 11 Inch and would get delivered within 5-6 days by the site which is so quick and reasonable in the end. No running around or hiring helps to fix it or anything! Perfect!

Product Code: MMH000000015161

Brand: The Yellow Door

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Technology is one such important aspect of one’s life in the present world that it is so difficult to survive without it. From the time it has been coined and discovered everybody is in favour of it so much so that you feel left out and neglected if you don’t get to log in to ur favourite social site and check constant updates and notifications about it….who’s doing what? How happening is the other friend’s life? What is the new trend? So many thoughts in that tiny little brain of our’s that even though we complain we have no time for ourselves, can’t do widout networking can we? And there come’s MOMO ( The mystery of missing out) when updates from that social bee on our friend’s list seems missing for sometime not wandering if the friend might br in trouble instead maybe life is more happening at the other end and am missing on being involved in it more. Whereas, JOMO (The joy of missing out) is when ur the one who is happy and away for good…ever imagined u don’t really do anything and still have people talking about you all the time without even making a statement or an appearance to give them a piece to talk but they still won’t stop blabbering about you and making your soooo simpleee lifee…ohhh sooo complicated sound like with all those rumours and controversies doing the round that you end up being so frustrated and just feel like running away  somewhere far off away from the hulabaloo of social life and want to scream out loud saying…just leave me alone for once…annoying but it does happen at times n daz wen you feel like missing out from that social circle for good to enjoy having your own me time with no unwanted talks to disturb.