Technology is one such important aspect of one’s life in the present world that it is so difficult to survive without it. From the time it has been coined and discovered everybody is in favour of it so much so that you feel left out and neglected if you don’t get to log in to ur favourite social site and check constant updates and notifications about it….who’s doing what? How happening is the other friend’s life? What is the new trend? So many thoughts in that tiny little brain of our’s that even though we complain we have no time for ourselves, can’t do widout networking can we? And there come’s MOMO ( The mystery of missing out) when updates from that social bee on our friend’s list seems missing for sometime not wandering if the friend might br in trouble instead maybe life is more happening at the other end and am missing on being involved in it more. Whereas, JOMO (The joy of missing out) is when ur the one who is happy and away for good…ever imagined u don’t really do anything and still have people talking about you all the time without even making a statement or an appearance to give them a piece to talk but they still won’t stop blabbering about you and making your soooo simpleee lifee…ohhh sooo complicated sound like with all those rumours and controversies doing the round that you end up being so frustrated and just feel like running away  somewhere far off away from the hulabaloo of social life and want to scream out loud saying…just leave me alone for once…annoying but it does happen at times n daz wen you feel like missing out from that social circle for good to enjoy having your own me time with no unwanted talks to disturb.


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