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LoLworthy Ads for Crash the Pepsi IPL!

So have you already #CrashedThePepsiIPL ? If not watch these hilarious and funny videos….some are meaningful ofcourse with ads submitted for the love of pepsi by folks around the nation. Seems like the IPL fever is truly on not only with the young generation but the older ones too. Insane ads, have a watch and share a light-hearted moment laughing 😀

This one seems like the same old concept with a twist. It reminds me of twins being lost at “kumbh ka mela” here its a different one with a boy having a birth mark and meeting his better half in the stadium while watching the match and boom….perfect partnership. Like the depiction but concept seems too familiar to me.

Hmm so this is like the breakup story. Where he walks off and the girl is sulking…And the knight in shining armour comes to put her smile on her face like chance pe dance types. Light Hearted and fun to watch these ads 😀

Honestly, when the add started off i thought it would depict depression and loneliness being overcome with a bottle of pepsi. But the ending was hilarious. He sips onto pepsi…runs like a fool in the jungle…with leaves surrounding him…ahhh a complete no-no! Should have improvised on the ending part of it

Hahaha “Match-fixing” seemed like a perfect tag to this one. Where during the good olden days, phone numbers were shared on a piece of paper via the waiter in a restaurant to woo the lady of your dreams and here she writes it on a bottle of pepsi. Cute ^_^

This one was fun, where they have added the entire bottle as the main element of their ad. Not to mention using the cap of the bottle as “simply play cricket yaa” types. Really cool.

This is simply the sweetest. Reminds me of childhood times when after winning a match against the oppsite team we would bet of pepsi and then share it with all. I mean so many of us keep doing that even now. And sharing it with a less fortunate is simply an act of random kindness!

Probably the case in everyone’s office right one with the way the IPL fever is on and working folks miss the live updates due to an important presentation or simply a fixed 9-5 working job. The cutting chai being replaced with the pepsi was the best. Bravo Concept

Another brilliant one with the “drink happiness” Placing a smiley against all. I assumed they would multiply with pepsi but it simply just tilted towards drink happiness. Lovely video and concept. An unpredictable one actually. Good going!

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Live it Abhi! #Phase 2

So the IPL Fever is on and everyone is busy crashing the Pepsi IPL! All the pepsi lovers across the country have made inumerbale ads with a motive to actually replace the original one! Some have been fun,quirky,humour filled or simply insane with a sheer love for the most favourite drink and game for all of us Indians! #CrashThePepsiIPL

Let’s have a look at some of the crazy ads that made you laugh or just wonder why-oh-why?

I like with funky ad with caricature type cartoons with super power, fighting with each other to over power each other to jump, hop and skip from one end to the other to sip onto the quenching thirst of the favourite Pepsi drink. Oh wait it’s not only a drink it’s something worth fighting for at the end!

This one is a mysterious one. Like i wonder what the abhi he was asking for to the girl in the ad actually meant? From the park in the bench to the lift until the car parking lot seemed like the guy had a lot of patience to resist opening a chilling can of PEPSI until he realized, its so empty!! And the pretty girl comes to his rescue by smirking and offering him one from her bag. Yeah his “Abhi” finally seemed to get satisfied and content 😀

This one is another smart one, from chennai super kings to delhi daredevils to sunrisers hyderabad. He nods a NO for every team when questioned to be his favourite for the IPL and finally a BIG yes to the TEAM PEPSI IPL as it surely unites as all. Why? Have you every watched a match with a group of friends supporting different teams but at the end of it no matter who won the game the bonding and time shared during the match has been even more special. Add an element of PEPSI to the IPL to season the flavored game to the extreme!

This one is the best. The background music has the commentary of the ongoing match going on and by the time the match comes to an end the bottle of pepsi is half down and then gulped off completely. I like the way it is depicted so neatly getting across the message rightly to the audience with the element of #CrashThePepsiIPL in a perfect way! It also depicts scoring with PEPSI IPL is what we are all looking for. I would love to vote for this one to replace the original ad in the upcoming one’s shown. Thumbs up!

—————LIVE IT ABHI————

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Future of Fashion in Mobile-only world and what it means for the consumers

Fashion has a power, and that power is beauty. The textile and apparel industry is one of the largest industries globally. As consumers, our online lives are shaping how we behave in the offline world, and our short attention spans are yet confined to the screens on our mobile devices. Rapid changes in fashion trends that go from the catwalk to the market, encouraging consumers to buy more at a cheaper price. To cater to this need, a new kind of supply chain is born- one that is mobile friendly. . Today there is an ever-increasing demand for women and men’s fashion that has given rise to a greater need to keep up with trends, rapidly shift to the latest, novel designs, and as a result consume more. The functions of a mobile phone for example can all be integrated into a fashionable garment and the revolution has already begun. myntra1 Fashion is starting to take the market research potential in data very seriously. Specifically, data analysts can capture fashion trends in real-time, evaluating consumer responses through social media and online product reviews and, of course, make sense of data points like click-through, time spent on the website, etc. In the race to improve customers’ experience online, designers are working to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a visitor to become a customer. myntra2 Web designers and user-experience experts are trying to bring the real-life experience of shopping to e-commerce like recreating the texture, feel and fit of garments for an online shopper. The type of apps helps shoppers browse multiple fashion retailers to compare items and prices. In addition, Users mix the new piece into their current wardrobe into their “virtual closet” and see how it will work. Fashion on the virtual mobile world is getting a huge makeover with the developing style of app by various brands. From luxury designer labels to fast fashion, the mobile shops include new collections, limited edition products and even exclusive items. Users have the option to shop by brand, category or to browse through fashion feed of products which can all be purchased in one single swipe. Trying to eliminate the painful process of online shopping checkouts, the mobile app saves your shipping and credit card info, allowing you to purchase the products on your feed with one simple swipe. Shoppers can personalize their feed by selecting the brands they want to shop and browse all in one stream. If you’re not ready to commit to a purchase right away, the items you love can be saved for later in a shopping cart with an easy tap. In addition to standard e-commerce product pictures and detail shots, the shopping app’s also includes look book photography, lifestyle moments and Instagram like photos of products being worn. myntra3

The collision of retail and technology has forever changed the way we shop, dress, and think about personal style. The Fashion in Mobile-only world will definitely change the way that we shop in the next five years.  Don’t forget to checkout for everything you need to look good in vogue and style.  


PosterGuy Review!

Check this First, before i could begin!

Last week i came across this unique site called “Poster Guy” with interesting stuff displayed on it in quirky prints and designs on them. I couldn’t resist checking out their wide range collection from T-shirts to home decor and tech accessories. Unlike the normal  e-commerce site that focus much on retailing to satiate the consumer expectation, the team at Poster Guy has a different vision in the making altogether.Check out this video below to understand the concept in a better way

In short, if you are an artist who has a collection of designs and would love to share it with a larger audience without letting your design just pile up in one corner of the room and be a waste, instead share and sell these designs to customers in the form of products like coasters,mugs,t-shirts as designed merchandise then my friend, POSTER GUY is what you have been in search of all this while. I mean how cool is that? A product designed and sold in your artwork exclusively and you being paid for it at the same time. A real unique concept that i came across in a while. So out of the their collection i personally loved their design in coffee mugs from minions to game of thrones to football being my favorite. More specifically, i was looking out for my favorite team brazil being displayed on a coffee mug. And bingo i found one on Poster Guy. The exact one i was having a tough time searching for on all the other customized e-commerce website.



  • Material: Ceramic, Color: Multicolor
  • Shape: Round
  • Item Size: 11 ounce
  • Microwave Safe, Non Toxic, Environment friendly, Reusable


  • Packaged in dedicated thermocol case with further multilayer cardboard box
Neymar Brazil Rotating Football Mug by PosterGuy

So the coffee mug i received had a Neymar 10 designed on it with an inspiring team work quote displayed on the bottom. It also has a small football ensemble within it that keeps rotating. An added factor on the handle to an otherwise boring and a plain coffee mug. The sturdily built type of mug would let me sip hot and cold beverages both for breakfast or during my tea time. The mug holds around 350 ml of liquid i.e approximate 11 ounce, double a tea cup. It is a less formal style and would make a great gift for your loved one or to use one for yourself on a daily basis. Can’t have a complete breakfast or an evening snack without your favorite kind of coffee or tea? Then PosterGuy mug collection is just for you who has a great taste and like to enjoy your cup full. Quirky, trendy and funny, this high quality mug by PosterGuy will sure win your heart.

Don’t forget to visit them and give a try to their cool products on display –>

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See What Others Can’t see with the new Asus Zenfone 2!

Infused with a long lineage of innovation and excellence, the ZenFone 2 is recognized globally for its incredible product design, including bringing home the 2015 iF Design Award.ZenFlash is a professional xenon flashlight similar to those found in high-end DSLR cameras. It’s 100X brighter than LED flashlights and controlled by a simple interface, so you’ll capture true-to-life photos with low distortion and extreme details — all with the touch of a button.

ZenFone 2 is a 5.5-inch smartphone with a body that is as small as that of a traditional 5-inch device. This incredible engineering achievement was made possible by reducing the bezel width to the bare minimum, giving ZenFone 2 a remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio. ZenFone 2 has an incredibly slim profile, it is just 3.9mm at the thinnest edge. This is more than an impressive engineering feat that we compressed the powerful Intel processor, the dual sim card, the thin design is so comfortable to hold, and makes using ZenFone 2 easier. ZenFone 2 is powered by a 64-bit 2.3GHz Super Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3580 processor, and is the world’s first smartphone with 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM. Featuring LTE Category 4+ for download speeds up to 250Mbit/s, and a 60ms touch response time, ZenFone 2 gives you power beyond your imagination.This also allows ZenFone 2 to eliminate the visual and physical obstacle on the side, making it the best looking smartphone, ever.


The ZenFone 2 exemplifies the perfect harmony of simplicity and sophistication with effortless elegance and detailed craftsmanship. Diamond-cutting technology with a varying spin pitch of 0.13mm to between each brush stroke is applied to achieve the best visual effect for the iconic spin-cut concentric circles. On the hardware front, Zenfone 2 ZE 551 ML (4GB RAM) version will run on a 2.3 GHz  quad-core Intel Atom Z3580 processor while both 2GB versions will run on a 1.8GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3560 CPU. Other features of the different variants are same.


ZenFone 2 also employes the exclusive 3D Tri-Gate Transistors the very same 22nm technology in its 64-bit processor. The Tri-Gate transistors have almost three times (3X) more surface area as compared to planar transistors, enabling more electrons to flow when it in the ‘on’ state. It also improves the transistor switching performance which increases the computing performance and decrease the power leakage.All the models will offer dual SIM card slots with support for 4G. The Zenfone 2 smartphones to be priced between Rs 11,999 and Rs 18,999 will be launched on the 23rd April and will be exclusively sold on Flipkart for now →  This smartphone is likely to be priced lower considering the features that it has to offer

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Quirkiest Ad’s i’ve come across in a long while!

Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry. Here are 10 QUIRKY advertisements from across the globe (mostly directed by wes anderson) that are so quirky & would not make you want to switch the channel the moment they come on!

In 2008, Anderson teamed up with Brad Pitt to make a commercial for the Japanese telecommunications and Internet company SoftBank. Inspired by Jacques Tati’s Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (Mr. Hulot’s Holiday), Anderson sets the Japanese commercial in a French seaside town and uses one continuous shot to capture Pitt as a bumbling tourist.

In 2012, Wes Anderson directed two commercials for Hyundai. In the first commercial, Anderson uses a mixture of miniatures and advanced car technology. The result resembles famous smart cars from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Spy Who Loved Me, as well as Knight Rider‘s KITT.

Is your old job a pain and your boss an absolute nuisance? Well then , this ad by is one you need to watch immediately!

In 2002, Swedish furniture company IKEA kicked off their “Unböring” marketing campaign with an Anderson-directed commercial featuring a family drama unfolding in a very stylish living room. When Anderson pulls his camera back, it’s revealed that the family was staging an argument on an IKEA sales floor.

Wes Anderson co-directed this commercial for Belgium brewers Stella Artois with Roman Coppola. The TV spot features Anderson’s penchant for symmetry and ’60s French pop culture.

Although Mercedes’ attempt is credible , Jaguar’s take on it has us grunting with laughter!

Anderson asked 75 children throughout New York, Los Angeles, and London what they thought goes on inside an Xperia mobile phone. The spot centers on a response from an 8-year-old named Jake Ryan that features tiny robots doing the heavy lifting inside the device. Anderson took a cue from his animated film The Fantastic Mr. Fox and built a visual world using stop-motion animation.

Anderson’s American Express “My Life. My Card” ad is arguably his best commercial work to date. The two-minute spot features longtime Anderson collaborators Jason Schwartzman and Waris Ahluwalia, as well as cinematographer Robert Yeoman. It showcases what life is like on an Anderson movie shoot and serves as a keen parody, with the director poking fun at his own signature style and tropes.

Sussex Safer Roads’ dramatic ad makes us think twice about leaving aside our seatbelts

Man, watching these ads, I confess I’m a sucker for quirky humor and these ads are without a doubt the quirkiest I’ve seen in a long while.

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Catchy Ad’s that make you laugh!

There is a great car analogy that Robin always uses to explain why businesses should be consistent with their advertising. Advertising is like driving a car. You have to use a lot of gas to get up to speed but once you reach full potential you can cruise. If you slam on the breaks you have to use more gas to get back up to speed.

We all rely, in part, on repeat business and referrals. Old customers are the key to both. When old customers don’t hear about you, or directly from you, they tend to move on. Cutting your advertising is a negative signal to those who actively patronize you.

You will always have overhead; bills, telephone, rent/equipment, your time. Advertising creates the AIR overhead breathes! Advertising is the portion of your business responsibilities that rejuvenates and draws new life (revenue) into the process.

Advertising is about attracting, holding, and focusing attention. And nothing gets our attention like a funny TV commercial.

Few of the funny AD’s i have come across in India so far….

Center Shock chewing gum

A boy goes in a barber shop to get his hair cut in particular style. The barber thinks of a trick and gives him Center Shock Chewing Gum. The boy’s hair gets charged after eating the chewing gum.

Halonix Bulb

“Before changing the clothes, change your bulb,” the commercial’s punch line reads.

Philips Widescreen TV

In this commercial a boy and a girl run towards each other but they get tired in the end due to the miscalculation of the distance between them.

Glycodin Cough Syrup

In this commercial the guru according to Indian tradition gives a name to a child.

Parle Musst Bites

Seeing a pack of Parle Musst Bites, a flavoured, cheesling-clone snack, a boy gets tempted, and attempts to take a handful from the pack of a nearby sitting old woman. To his shock, the old woman bites down hard on his hand.

Center Fresh!

The ad film for Center Fresh reaffirms the brand’s positioning ‘Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam’ (Keeps your mouth shut). Titled ‘Bank Robbery’, the plot involves a masked robber stealing the money at gun point and leaving from the bank without getting caught. However, when a lady shouts out to call security for help, the robber (security guard of the bank) comes back into the bank and saying “Yes Madam” out of habit. This way he gets caught.

Cobra Soda

The ad shows a family in a hall, where a lawyer reads out the will of the late Morarji Das. To the astonishment of the family, none of them inherit the fortune and it goes to the house maid, Kanta Bai. The family gets shocked, and one of the sons reaches out for a bottle of Cobra Sparkling Water. After gulping it down, he congratulates the maid on the achievement of the wealth!

Chlor-Mint Ice

In this ad, a fire-eater approaches a water-vendor and on asking the money spits fire on the vendor. Not willing to let down, the vendor hits a bulls-eye and lands the Chlor-mint inside the mouth of the performer. Shockingly, the fire-eater starts spewing out ice.


A couple traveling in their pick up van gets intrigued by a consistent follower on a bicycle. They get puzzled and change their route but the the cyclist never goes away. The end shows the van carrying loads of Fevicol.

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A smile cost nothing but means so much!

PS: This is a shared listed article

“Wow,” I said aloud as I watched Mello make a thirty footer to tie the game. “The Knicks can do it,” I told myself, “they can beat the Celtics. 10 minutes left, plenty of time,” were my internal cheers.

Then, worse than the sound of a game ending buzzer, my blackberry made a noise.
Instinctually, I answered and, despite the fact the Knicks just threw the ball away, I was pleased to hear the voice of a good friend, although her voice inflection seemed down. Eight forty left on the game clock.

“Hey, what’s up?” I soon understood her voice’s message. To summarize, one of her best friends, a very successful professional woman, had, like millions of others, fallen victim to clinical depression. Over the course of a year, her life had fallen apart. Divorce, a loss JOB, avoiding friends-the story is familiar to most mental health professionals. I was now listening attentively and I could hear the sadness and frustration in my friend’s words. She finished on the hope I could give her some advice on how to help her depressed friend,

I took a ten second mental time- out to remind myself that her dilemma is common. Statistics alone would tell you that there is a good chance you have faced, or will face the same challenge-help a friend when they are depressed. I also knew that despite good intentions, most people are ineffective in this daunting task.

In the next second, my course was clear. I broke the silence “listen, get a piece of paper. I am going to giving you some tips for helping your depressed friend. I want you to write them down so you will be more aware of them.”

While she searched for a pen, I went to my nearby bookshelf and found what I was looking for: Contagious Emotions: Staying well when your love one is depressed, by Ronald Podell, M.D. Dr. Podell is a practicing psychiatrist in Los Angeles and the leading expert in helping individuals effectively cope with the depression of their loved ones. I knew his tips would help my friend. It was easy to find what I was looking for, as I had referenced the book many times.

“Go ahead,” she said.

First, I will tell you what NOT to do-you certainly don’t want to inadvertently make it worse:
1. Don’t try to be strong for your friend by telling him to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and be tough.” Watch what you say despite your good intentions because you will tend to say the wrong thing many times and be discouraging.
2. Don’t get so involved and frustrated by your friend’s seeming lack of optimism and confidence that you wind up arguing with your friend–especially about what he should and should not do.
3. Do not join your depressed friend in his depression–remember that depression is contagious and that your friend’s feelings are not your feelings.

I told her to keep those tips near her phone so when she spoke to her friend, she’d have a reminder.
Now write down What To Do:
1. Maintain warm, caring relationship free from hostility and tension
2. Learn to cope with the hardships that relating frequently with a depressed person can impose such as the tendency to be lured into destructive criticism and arguments about your friend’s passivity.
3. Learn what depression is–a clinical disorder that is not something someone turns “on” or “off” and may be triggered by an event but becomes a brain chemistry disorder separate from that event.
I told her to keep these tips next to her phone too and that she should immediately go to amazon and order a copy of Contagious Emotions: Staying well when your loved one is depressed, by Ronald Podell.

She thanked me for listening, for helping her feel better — I was applying many of Dr. Podell’s tips-and said she would order the book as soon as we hung up.”
“Take care,” were my final words.

Then it hit me-I was now looking at a rerun of The A Team. I may have helped my friend, but I would have to settle for Knick-Celtic ESPN highlights. Not fair. In the next few seconds, I find out the Knicks lost at the buzzer-a great game, and I missed it. I try to help a friend, and I get screwed. So not fair,” ran my thoughts. I started to feel depressed-but I knew what to do.

I reached for my blackberry, got information, “Operator, in Los Angeles, Dr. Ronald Podell, he is a psychiatrist…hurry up!”

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For a priceless smile…..

Some days, it’s easy to smile. You wake up to the sounds of birds chirping, with the warm glow of the morning sun cradling your face. You take several deep, cleansing breaths standing beneath a perfectly cascading shower, just before drawing a smiley face on the steamed-up glass with your index finger.

Your roommate or significant other makes your coffee, just the way you like it. You hit every traffic light. You sing to your favorite tunes. And you arrive at work refreshed, excited, and anxious to create and collaborate.

But not every day starts this way. Sometimes you wake up to chaos, in your head or in the world around you. You hit snags, and bumps, and roadblocks at every turn. You try too hard, or don’t try enough, and things fall apart, or things fall short.

You struggle, you fight yourself and other people, and you find yourself wishing you could stop the world so you could get off for a while.

But there is an alternative. When things go wrong, you can fall down or look up. You can shut down or wake up, all over again, starting from right where you stand. You can accept that the days won’t always look bright, but commit to finding something worth smiling about. Not sure what that might be? No worries, friends! I have a few ideas….

1. Call a friend who knows how to laugh at herself to remember what it’s like not to take yourself too seriously.

2. Ask a friend to come over and make you smile. It’s really simple and obvious, I know, but sometimes we forget to just ask for what we need.

3. Read a letter, card, or email from someone who thought of you when you were going through a hard time.

4. Search your deleted email folder for “thank you.” You probably made a huge difference in someone’s life recently—remember that now!

5. Text a friend, “What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard today?”

6. Text your significant other with a silly picture of you and ask for one in return.

7. Ask your significant other to make you breakfast in bed—and to be creative with it. (I have no idea what that could mean, but just seeing the thought s/he puts into it will likely make it extra fun).

8. Post on your Facebook page, “What made you smile today?” (Like I often do on the Tiny Buddha Facebook page!)

9. Tell a child in your life that you need a hug. Just try to stay stoic when she throws her little arms around your neck and sings “The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow.”

10. Alternatively, ask that child to draw a picture of you and him or her together.

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