Future of Fashion in Mobile-only world and what it means for the consumers

Fashion has a power, and that power is beauty. The textile and apparel industry is one of the largest industries globally. As consumers, our online lives are shaping how we behave in the offline world, and our short attention spans are yet confined to the screens on our mobile devices. Rapid changes in fashion trends that go from the catwalk to the market, encouraging consumers to buy more at a cheaper price. To cater to this need, a new kind of supply chain is born- one that is mobile friendly. . Today there is an ever-increasing demand for women and men’s fashion that has given rise to a greater need to keep up with trends, rapidly shift to the latest, novel designs, and as a result consume more. The functions of a mobile phone for example can all be integrated into a fashionable garment and the revolution has already begun. myntra1 Fashion is starting to take the market research potential in data very seriously. Specifically, data analysts can capture fashion trends in real-time, evaluating consumer responses through social media and online product reviews and, of course, make sense of data points like click-through, time spent on the website, etc. In the race to improve customers’ experience online, designers are working to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a visitor to become a customer. myntra2 Web designers and user-experience experts are trying to bring the real-life experience of shopping to e-commerce like recreating the texture, feel and fit of garments for an online shopper. The type of apps helps shoppers browse multiple fashion retailers to compare items and prices. In addition, Users mix the new piece into their current wardrobe into their “virtual closet” and see how it will work. Fashion on the virtual mobile world is getting a huge makeover with the developing style of app by various brands. From luxury designer labels to fast fashion, the mobile shops include new collections, limited edition products and even exclusive items. Users have the option to shop by brand, category or to browse through fashion feed of products which can all be purchased in one single swipe. Trying to eliminate the painful process of online shopping checkouts, the mobile app saves your shipping and credit card info, allowing you to purchase the products on your feed with one simple swipe. Shoppers can personalize their feed by selecting the brands they want to shop and browse all in one stream. If you’re not ready to commit to a purchase right away, the items you love can be saved for later in a shopping cart with an easy tap. In addition to standard e-commerce product pictures and detail shots, the shopping app’s also includes look book photography, lifestyle moments and Instagram like photos of products being worn. myntra3

The collision of retail and technology has forever changed the way we shop, dress, and think about personal style. The Fashion in Mobile-only world will definitely change the way that we shop in the next five years.  Don’t forget to checkout   www.myntra.com/mailers/ for everything you need to look good in vogue and style.  



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