Live it Abhi! #Phase 2

So the IPL Fever is on and everyone is busy crashing the Pepsi IPL! All the pepsi lovers across the country have made inumerbale ads with a motive to actually replace the original one! Some have been fun,quirky,humour filled or simply insane with a sheer love for the most favourite drink and game for all of us Indians! #CrashThePepsiIPL

Let’s have a look at some of the crazy ads that made you laugh or just wonder why-oh-why?

I like with funky ad with caricature type cartoons with super power, fighting with each other to over power each other to jump, hop and skip from one end to the other to sip onto the quenching thirst of the favourite Pepsi drink. Oh wait it’s not only a drink it’s something worth fighting for at the end!

This one is a mysterious one. Like i wonder what the abhi he was asking for to the girl in the ad actually meant? From the park in the bench to the lift until the car parking lot seemed like the guy had a lot of patience to resist opening a chilling can of PEPSI until he realized, its so empty!! And the pretty girl comes to his rescue by smirking and offering him one from her bag. Yeah his “Abhi” finally seemed to get satisfied and content 😀

This one is another smart one, from chennai super kings to delhi daredevils to sunrisers hyderabad. He nods a NO for every team when questioned to be his favourite for the IPL and finally a BIG yes to the TEAM PEPSI IPL as it surely unites as all. Why? Have you every watched a match with a group of friends supporting different teams but at the end of it no matter who won the game the bonding and time shared during the match has been even more special. Add an element of PEPSI to the IPL to season the flavored game to the extreme!

This one is the best. The background music has the commentary of the ongoing match going on and by the time the match comes to an end the bottle of pepsi is half down and then gulped off completely. I like the way it is depicted so neatly getting across the message rightly to the audience with the element of #CrashThePepsiIPL in a perfect way! It also depicts scoring with PEPSI IPL is what we are all looking for. I would love to vote for this one to replace the original ad in the upcoming one’s shown. Thumbs up!

—————LIVE IT ABHI————

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