LoLworthy Ads for Crash the Pepsi IPL!

So have you already #CrashedThePepsiIPL ? If not watch these hilarious and funny videos….some are meaningful ofcourse with ads submitted for the love of pepsi by folks around the nation. Seems like the IPL fever is truly on not only with the young generation but the older ones too. Insane ads, have a watch and share a light-hearted moment laughing 😀

This one seems like the same old concept with a twist. It reminds me of twins being lost at “kumbh ka mela” here its a different one with a boy having a birth mark and meeting his better half in the stadium while watching the match and boom….perfect partnership. Like the depiction but concept seems too familiar to me.

Hmm so this is like the breakup story. Where he walks off and the girl is sulking…And the knight in shining armour comes to put her smile on her face like chance pe dance types. Light Hearted and fun to watch these ads 😀

Honestly, when the add started off i thought it would depict depression and loneliness being overcome with a bottle of pepsi. But the ending was hilarious. He sips onto pepsi…runs like a fool in the jungle…with leaves surrounding him…ahhh a complete no-no! Should have improvised on the ending part of it

Hahaha “Match-fixing” seemed like a perfect tag to this one. Where during the good olden days, phone numbers were shared on a piece of paper via the waiter in a restaurant to woo the lady of your dreams and here she writes it on a bottle of pepsi. Cute ^_^

This one was fun, where they have added the entire bottle as the main element of their ad. Not to mention using the cap of the bottle as “simply play cricket yaa” types. Really cool.

This is simply the sweetest. Reminds me of childhood times when after winning a match against the oppsite team we would bet of pepsi and then share it with all. I mean so many of us keep doing that even now. And sharing it with a less fortunate is simply an act of random kindness!

Probably the case in everyone’s office right one with the way the IPL fever is on and working folks miss the live updates due to an important presentation or simply a fixed 9-5 working job. The cutting chai being replaced with the pepsi was the best. Bravo Concept

Another brilliant one with the “drink happiness” Placing a smiley against all. I assumed they would multiply with pepsi but it simply just tilted towards drink happiness. Lovely video and concept. An unpredictable one actually. Good going!

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