AlluAnu – A perfect blend!

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

“One Hot Chocolate milkshake, please!”, said Myrah. Sitting at the coffee house she was awaiting the arrival of her team of digital brainstormers for an upcoming event to be performed for a brand campaign of a sponsered college festival. A huge checklist laid in front of her eyes from organizers, sponsors, venue, designers, event decorators…..and the list just went on.

“Hey, Myrah!” said Liah. As she entered the coffee house and walkpast all the onlookers for being loud enough to gain enough attention as it is. She greeted Myrah with a hug and pulled a chair to sit across her. Before she could start the remaining few from the group of dynamic youngsters popped in.

With a cheerful look, they all had ideas in mind to crack up the campaign. Research from youtube videos to data collection, influencers, blogger list all was arranged. Done, Done, Done a check mark across the to-do list was done.

“Oh No!” Priya exclaimed.

“What is it?” Myrah questioned, out of fear.

“We’ve missed something very important. ENTERTAINMENT!”

Myrah got freaked out. “Whom to arrange for in such a shot notice?” A blend of music and dance, moves and vocals to cheer up the crowd is what we need. Everyone sat on their laptops, contacting PR’s and artists for the event. But none seemed to fit the bill or looked enchanting to make the show a hit for now. Tired for trying, they took a break and retired for the day. They went back to Liah’s apartment and chilled out for the night. Brainstorming over dinner Rohan said, “How about Rajnikanth” Ummmmm no forget seems alot for a college event. But how about someone similar from south? They are like all born dancers with moves in their blood, someone like Allu Arjun? “Aha, sounds nice” Myrah gave a go ahead look. Allu-Arjun-New-Hot-Sexy-and-Cool-Unseen-Image45125-19 But what about the other half to complement hmmmm….a list of bollywood singers was made…striked out…reworked on….but the question was who would be the enthralling one to raise up the energy of the crowd….like a youngster friendly to freshen up and rejuvenate the spirit??? Uhhh….mmm….Anushka? “You mean Anushka Manchanda??” Priya asked “Yes,Bingo…Got it!!” 5425829260_db444993fb_b

Few calls and contacts were made and onboard were the two dynamic personalities….

On the day of the event the college crowd went crazyy on hearing the show-stopping performers for the night. A full house entry indeed. Happy smiles on all those young faces, bouncing with energy and enthusiasm…having a blast and a gala time were the teenagers. Some found their fans and others their idol in Allu and Anushka…A truly mad night that was unforgettable for them indeed!


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