To #GetAirtel4G SIM just tweet – quick and easy!

So do you own a Moto G or Lenovo? Have a 3G plan but still too slow? Wan’t to upgrade but don’t know how? I’ve got some great news for you. @airtelindia has commercially launched its 4G high-speed data services in 296 towns across India. The telecom operator has been carrying out public test runs of the service in select towns across the country for sometime now but it’s full fledged to astonish it’s users with the services it has in store for you.

With the help of the feedback received from the beta launches, they have now built India’s first commercial 4G network that will make high speed mobile broadband a reality. The national roll-out today is another small step in their journey is to be the most innovative and customer focused brand. Airtel also believes that an open platform is critical to developing an ecosystem that nurtures innovation and enables consumers to access a myriad set of possibilities on their mobile phones. Their 4G network is therefore built on an open partner ecosystem model that brings together the best in the industry and introduces the market to these never before experiences.

But what’s even more interesting is the new #GetAirtel4G is just a tweet button away. Airtel is about to offer a unique 4G SIM delivery service, wherein any Airtel user with a 4G handset can tweet using #GetAirtel4G to get a 4G SIM delivered to their home for free. So how do you that. All you need to have is your 4G Handset and twitter app installed on it. Follow and tag @airtelindia along with the hashtag #GetAirtel4G and tweet it right away. Now once a user tweets #GetAirtel4G he gets a reply from @airtelindia handle directing the user to a link where a user need to enter his details for SIM delivery. And the next thing before you would know is the @airtelindia 4G SIM is delivered to your address. As easy as it could get for a user.


The @airtelindia 4G will be available to customers through 4G-enabled mobile phones, internet dongles and Wi-Fi routers. Airtel will offer 4G data plans at 3G prices and users who swap their 3G sim cards with 4G ones will get benefits such as unlimited access to Airtel’s music service for six months and a certain number of free movies on its new online movies platform. @airtelindia has also introduced a new range of Infinity Plans starting Rs 999. These plans will offer unlimited voice calls on mobile along with data benefits and access to Airtel’s movies and music services. So if you’re looking for a high speed network it’s time to switch to #GetAirtel4G now –>


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