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Technology is one such important aspect of one’s life in the present world that it is so difficult to survive without it. From the time it has been coined and discovered everybody is in favour of it so much so that you feel left out and neglected if you don’t get to log in to ur favourite social site and check constant updates and notifications about it….who’s doing what? How happening is the other friend’s life? What is the new trend? So many thoughts in that tiny little brain of our’s that even though we complain we have no time for ourselves, can’t do widout networking can we? And there come’s MOMO ( The mystery of missing out) when updates from that social bee on our friend’s list seems missing for sometime not wandering if the friend might br in trouble instead maybe life is more happening at the other end and am missing on being involved in it more. Whereas, JOMO (The joy of missing out) is when ur the one who is happy and away for good…ever imagined u don’t really do anything and still have people talking about you all the time without even making a statement or an appearance to give them a piece to talk but they still won’t stop blabbering about you and making your soooo simpleee lifee…ohhh sooo complicated sound like with all those rumours and controversies doing the round that you end up being so frustrated and just feel like running away  somewhere far off away from the hulabaloo of social life and want to scream out loud saying…just leave me alone for once…annoying but it does happen at times n daz wen you feel like missing out from that social circle for good to enjoy having your own me time with no unwanted talks to disturb.


Venice Pop-up!

It’s been a long year that she had stayed without him for so long…Apart from the chats and late night video call’s she didn’t really get to see him that often in the good old day’s that used to be, hanging around and fooling with each other all the time. It’s been  few year’s from the time they started dating as college friend’s, from their first fresher’s party to the prom night dance, to those camping and fun treks of being supportive and understanding of each other….she knew him more than he would have known himself and had faith that everything would work out well in the long run. When they first met, they were so hot blooded and hated enemies of each other that they couldn’t even stand each other in the same classroom corridor for no good reason but their attitude was so opposite that everything they did was under a total competition spirit. Being so competitive they were made to work in the same team and with no choice they started to know each other as time went by. Like chalk and cheese they were so difficult to understand but when they started blending it was an amazing sight to see. She was an introvert to an extent and him the total opposite. So many laugh’s, fight’s, tear’s, sorrow’s and joy they’ve shared. It’s been more than 6 year’s college has come to an end. Everybody eventually graduated and started settling in their life of their own but these two love bird’s have had quite a few ups and down but still managed to stayed strong, as time passed by their love for each other felt even more real and strong. It wasn’t just a college phase or teenage romance for them but a lifelong hand-in-hand companionship they wanted to take a plunge at without awaiting any longer.


Nissa, Jaden and me have been the closest of friends and I’ve seen them love and grow even in those distance long difficult times. She works as an executive head with a marketing company and he is abroad working as project head with a MNC. Last week he called me up to tell me that it’s finally time that he rings the bell with her but before that he wanted to have a romantic getaway to pop the million dollar question before her with that moment that would be engraved in the history of their live’s eventually. She’s more the die-hard romantic one’s but he isn’t so he asked me to plan a surprise for her that she wouldn’t have even imagined (I played cupid to them even when they met).

I tried surfing through so many travel site’s that I eventually was about to give up as planning someone’s lifelong loving moment was not an easy task I could do so swiftly. And then I landed up on skyscanner with all that I had in mind to just shot up and execute half of my problems about travel and booking that were completely sorted in no time with a budget of about 1,00,000/- I had been offered by skyscanner for a trip I so wanted to make this as the best gift for my two besties and  as a romantic getaway thought of Venice as the perfect location. He would travel on the second day directly so I had to bring her there without giving her a hint on what would be ahead planned once we reach there, so I did the flight and the hotel booking for the both of us i.e. me and her, yes I had to go along to see if it was all on track.


Skyscanner helped me to cross check the prices and comfort of travelling in the flights I preferred with either halts or direct locations I wanted to go by with time and availability preference which came upto 48,723/- including the return tickets.


The hotel booking too had to be in a place nearby as we hardly had two nights and the fact that we were there we did have quite a few visits in the nearby places to be done. For a 2 nights stay it costed about 26,679/-


For sightseeing i booked a car to travel to those historic yet romantic places and that added to another 10,080/-

Flight Booking for 2 persons : Rs  48,723/-

Hotel Booking : Rs 26,679/-

Hiring a Car : Rs 10,080/-

TOTAL :  Rs 85,482/-

BIG SAVE OF Rs 14,518/- out of the 1,00,000/- budget given.


Now, before He could land with a royal hero entry to woo the lady of his dreams these were the places i thought of visiting  :


The Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace is the most outstanding civilian monument of Venice but it is also a monument of which the architecture is extraordinary in Europe by its originality.

Indeed when you approach by the lagoon, the best way for a first contact, we were struck by what the architects call an “inversion of masses”.


Campanile di San Marco, Venice

A work of art and architecture, the bell tower of San Marco stands right in front of the church on Piazza San Marco. The “Campanile”, as it is most often referred to by the Venetians, is an outstanding landmark of Venice. Standing at almost 100 meters high it is hard to miss it once at the square. Unlike the Basilica, its simple brick structure makes it unique while standing out from other structures.


Churches, Venice

This lovely little church filled with the heavy smell of incense is to be found just a few steps from the San Polo end of the famous Ponte Rialto. Allegedly, the first church to stand on this site dated to the 5th century and so it would make it Venice’s oldest church.


Cafe Florian, Venice


I wanted to order a Bellini, which came with olives and canapes – as expected but- for the experience of sitting outside one of the most famous and oldest cafes in Italy, in one of the most famous squares in the world, when the crowds had gone home (well at least to their next location/ cruise ship etc) and the lights were reflecting off the waters that had seeped into the square, and music from the orchestras was drifting overhead – it would be worth every euro!!!


Gondole, gondoliere, traghetti, Venice


As I walked around Venice, I spotted many gondolas gliding along the canals. One night, when it was dark, I could hear what I thought was a recorded song coming from the canal, it was on closer inspection a gondolier singing as he rowed along- it was quite atmospheric, as his voice echoed around the narrow canal in the dark. I also heard an accordian being played that night.This old transport possibility on the waterways of the city is an attraction for all the visitors of it.
Many travellers have the desire to hear a song when they lie tranquil in the gondola. The gondolier drives the traditional boat along the narrow canals, and sings for the guests.


Scala Contarini del Bovolo, Venice


Scala del Bovolo literally translated means “snail-shell stairway”. The marvelous open stairway is the reason for the Contarini family palace to be called Palazzo Contarini dal Bovolo. The palace itself, designed by Giovanni Candi, was built in 15th and 16th centuries and it is mostly Gothic in style. However, the stairway tower designed probably by Giorgio Spavento is fully Renaissance work.


Food, wine and sweets, Venice

The Jewish comunity is big in Venice, and around the old Ghetto area there are a lot of shops offering Kosher food. This bakery attracted our sense with the color of the windows and the smell of the sugary goodies they were baking.  I had to try their tiny pizzette di sfoglia and a variety of their cookies. The ones with almond were exceptional.




And it would Finally happen when we were to stand on the Rialto Bridge  located at the center of Venice and is one of the bridges that span the Grand Canal.There are three walkways on the bridge comprising of two along the outer balustrades and a wider central walkway which leads to some charming shops,



Jaden came from behind and tapped her slowly, they had this slow moment pause, staring deep into each other’s eyes, he kissed her on the forehead and went down on his knees, with a diamond studded ring in his hand, he popped the big question Will you Marry Me???? 

© Josh Wong Photography

Jaden came from behind and tapped her slowly, they had this slow moment pause, staring deep into each other’s eyes, he kissed her on the forehead and went down on his knees, with a diamond studded ring in his hand, he popped the big question Will you Marry Me????

Mission accomplished to see the two lovelies share their moment of love so unexpectedly….I wish to fulfill this dream with skyscanner my travel buddy soon someday…Big Help with success, we hail thee skyscanner!




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Y is black not a color?

I happened to watch the news sometime back about people debating over Black not being a color? So strange it was that it made me think what if the color black didin’t exist then white would not have existed and how would other colors get a definition to them if black wouldn’t be a source to it hmmm think think???

On the movement scale, black is a very still, bold color.Women like me seem more attached to black than any other color in their wardrobe. If I told you that pink’s not your color—or yellow, or orange—you might be open to the idea. But black?

Yes. Black.

And I think that idea doesn’t freak women out because black makes them look and feel amazing and black seems like a safe standby whenever you doubt what to wear. You just try removing those black clothes off your wardrobe and you’ll find a big hole in there without knowing what to replace it with??

When i have exams that go on for more than a month and am sitting at home studying for them without any physical activity happening as such, i tend to gain those extra calories and wish to hide it off only below a black kaftan top or dress and am so sure it would work for so many of you out there in the same way…Black is ideal at times without a second thought indeed!

The 5 Black things i would wish for among the thousand other wishes i could have are:



Birds are cute, Birds are chirpy..they can make anyone happy. The last i had was a parrot named Piu in a blue cage in my balcony. It was fun waking up early playing and feeding it before i left for daily work. The recent one’s my sister gifted me last month are a pair of cute love birds.Usually, birds get scared and anxious if they’re too low. If they’re up higher than eye level, they’ll take it as a sign that they are superior to their owners. If they’re even higher, they will feel isolated from the people below. Many birds love attention and would be bored and lonely in an empty, unused room but if my birdcage was in the center of a room, my birds would feel anxious and scared, as they have nowhere to hide from danger. Birds need at least one side of their cage up against a wall, as it provides them with a feeling of security hence i would wish this tall wire birdcage against the wall for them.




Mulberry Briefcase

A sleek and stylish briefcase crafted from oak soft saddle leather with enough space … This single briefcase could carried in the hand. … Soft Saddle Shoulder. The black mulberry briefcase is what i wish for and who said only men carry it around? I do. The Single Briefcase highlights understated practicality. Designed to be slim and unassuming, finished with minimal hardware for a timeless leather accessory. It features a simple top handle and a secure lock to the front. Carefully-organised interior space has room for technology and documents. Mulberry’s Walter briefcase would be a smart way for me to stay stylish on the go.



“I can’t control the wind but I can adjust the sail.” 
― Ricky Saggs


From every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you and that is how I know you…go on. I wish like titanic i had a ship built in my name…how mesmerizing the thought of itself could be…What I would really love is to hang over the edge and watch the bow of the ship slice through the waves. I would have loved it especially when the waves would be high and the ship rose and fell, or when it was snowing and the flakes stung on my face. Sailing on a black ship by my name carved on it would be the best feeling ever.




A Fibre optic star ceiling is a definite plus for any home theatre or bedroom and i definitely want to have one.They are great to view in almost any light.When there are lights off in the room… the fiber optics are visible and beautiful. When the lights are on… they are still visible and beautiful. And, you can even make them twinkle.You can have a realistic looking Milky Way in your mural, that has a cloudy look to it and has thousands and thousands of tiny little stars.




“Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us.”



A firm believer in the christian faith….I pray whole heartedly to the Lord, My God everyday. Keeping him the centre of my life…I know he will protect me day and night.

I wish to have a wall sized cross in black for my white painted wall in the living room cause i start my day touching the foot of the cross and surrender my day to the Almighty Lord, before i resign off to sleep i thank him for blessing me.


P.S: Image source : Google



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