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Any colour would do – so long as it’s black

If you read the title of the post carefully, you’ll notice that it sounds familiar….maybe you’ve heard it or seen it somewhere?? Its those famous line published in Sir Henry Ford’s autobiography My Life and Work (1992) when he was quoted saying “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”

In times of fear and uncertainty black contains the energy of the threatening unknown. In a positive state, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility. Black is the absorption of all color and the absence of light. Black hides, while white brings to light. What black covers, white uncovers. We all use black at various times to hide from the world around us in one way or another. Some of us use it to hide our weight; others among us use it to hide our feelings, our fears or our insecurities.People who like black may be conventional, conservative and serious, or they may think of themselves as being sophisticated or very dignified.

The color black is often seen as a color of sophistication, as in ‘the little black dress’ or ‘the black tie event’. Affluent and success orientated women often choose black as it can give an impression of elegance, sophistication and confidence.

Black is the end, but the end always implies a new beginning. When the light appears, black becomes white, the color of new beginnings.

“Think of what starlight

And lamplight would lack

Diamonds and fireflies

If they couldn’t lean against Black. . . .”

― Mary O’Neill, Hailstones and Halibut Bones

Right from the television set to my music system,laptop,blackberry, bag, shoes and watches i have them all in black somehow….i remember mom used to complain whenever i was out shopping for those blue faded color jeans or my side sling bag for daily usage that “beta,black mein le lo agar mehla hua toh jaldi dikhega bhi nahi” (take whatever your taking in black cause if it get’s dirty, nobody will notice it soon). Funny, but i think from those days itself whatever i opted for would have black as the main dominant color in it. There was this happy green neon color phase that i was infatuated with but it really didn’t last that long cause black is the ultimate for me.

Even though i do posses quite a few things in black the list would be unending, if i had to complete all those black things i really needed but for now these are few of the things i really wish for in black ofcourse:


Firstly, I might just sound like another Beatles Fan but I badly wish for this cause i really don’t have one and it’s black and the beatles and i can keep saying that again and again like a big ardent fan of their’s cause here’s the thing you have to understand about the beatles is the fact that they were THE FIRST, yes THE VERY FIRST.

Before the beatles everything sounded like… nothing you hear today. The beatles pioneered the sound of modern rock music. think of all the branches from there! metal, alternative, pop, whatever- if it weren’t for the beatles none of that would have existed. The fact that they are still famous 40 years later and that they changed the lives of millions can’t be disputed. They pioneered a new sound. Very influential I must say. What is there to say about the Beatles that hasn’t been said? They restructured pop and rock music as we know it more than once during the brief seven years that they made records. They were at the center of a pop-culture revolution that’s still resonating today. And every single one of their albums — from 1963′s debut, ‘Please Please Me,’ to 1970′s swan song, ‘Let It Be’ — is a classic.


True creative mastery is yours with a model that is built to impress.

Canon EOS 1200D
Canon EOS 1200D

It is every photographer’s dream to own one and every model’s dream to pose for one. I come in the latter category though, I love posing for photographs, right from the time i was a little one my father used to run behind me with the camera to capture all those silly moments i happily posed for and developed a liking towards it…I somehow transform into a completely different self when am in front of the lens being captured…those emotions,faces,landscape,portrait all i’m so passionate about. So hence, i would want to gift this one to myself so that i have a reason to smile each time am out and down.

Now, why Canon EOS 1200D? Is because The EOS 1200D now features the fully-automatic Scene Intelligent Auto mode, which would analyze the scene in front of me and automatically picking the best settings, much like the systems used by lot of digital compacts. The 1200D also offer a Creative Auto mode which would allow me to change a few key settings using the LCD screen via a simple slider system for changing the aperture and exposure compensation, or Background and Exposure as the camera refers to them.


Black Walk-in-Closet

We all like our home to look nice and organized. We like our clothes, accessories and shoes to be stored in a closet, out of sight but still easy to find. But we all have different ideas when it comes to choosing a closet style. Some people prefer walk-in closets while others enjoy the armoires more. Reach-in closets are interesting because they resemble a small portion of a walk-in closet. They include various storage solutions such as poles, drawers, compartments and open shelves. They are all combined in a way that allows you to basically neatly store everything inside without occupying much space. In a way, it could be considered a very condensed version of the walk-in closet but the walk-in-closet are the most  popular and that is my dream closet.Of course,they happen to occupy the entire room but the main advantage is the fact that i would get to store everything beautifully and won’t have to worry about space anymore.


The Beetle
The Beetle

They say when you really wish for something you can’t just stop talking about it cause sometimes that’s all that keeps running through your mind each time. The Beetle is my favourite car, born in a family with all automobile engineer’s i’ve always been travelling, reading, listening to the latest car’s and the auto car show exhibition etc around me. Infact, if my dad see’s a car from a long distance he can exactly tell you the model, the features, is it a compact or easy car, high-end or low-budget and everything that you must have not even known or heard about, yeah like literally the history of the car, his favourite would be the BMW painted in pearl white but mine is the one above in jet black…so classy it looks, i tell you. I did get a chance to go for a ride in one but having one to myself..umm havn’t been that lucky yet you know shyaa… but i do wish to embrace the speed and travel in this one to places i haven’t been.It’s also famously called the “people’s car”. The Volkswagen Beetle has been around for a number of decades, but the most recent third generation is all new. It’s offered as either a three-door hatchback or a two-door convertible that carries plenty of style and history along with it.The current Beetle is a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle–distinctly unlike the original rear-engine, rear-drive Beetle. The current Beetle is also based on the same architecture as that in the Golf and Jetta. Too much it’s become na? but it’s car’s what to do? Never mind am stopping…Okay next and the final on the list is…


Black Souvenir's
Black Souvenir’s

We all have our own way of reminiscing the past but the best feeling is the moment right there and there is when you hold that certain souvenir in your hand. Collecting souvenirs is not a profession but merely a hobby, but I could never get over of grabbing the things that inspire the travel or journey in my life, whether it is a vacation, for work or even on at an exhibition. As years have gone by looking at that set that I bought in the other part of the earth, that is when i could conclude that i’ve had the best vacation souvenir bought in my lifetime. Typically, I can never tell whether I have already collected the best souvenir up until my dying days.  It is the natural process of life, so as am still in my prime, I collect souvenirs like woodcarvings, and  have fun identifying these items in the process, and most importantly,  I look for any soul-bewitching designs. Souvenirs bought in the place where I have gone before entails pride and priceless memories, that is why most people like me will go on different lengths of sacrifices just to bring their best souvenirs home. I wish i had a bag full of them, even the places i haven’t been too cause having them with me would want me to go there and see it for myself….I just simply love these little things in life.

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FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Time is running short for all the things one wants to do in Life. The bucket list is long and the number of items ticked after completion, too few. So one learns to reassess, reschedule and prioritize.

However, the fear of missing out on all you want to do in order to live life to its full potential, is very different from the fear of missing out on the fun , the good times and opportunities that are being enjoyed by others. I see the former fear  as a positive sign, which if handled properly, can only enhance one’s living experience….but the latter fear brings in huge  amounts of dissatisfaction looking at what others are doing and achieving that makes you feel inadequate comparatively. No amount of rescheduling or re-prioritizing can ever help you take care of a discontent that stems from the achievements or enjoyment of others. The anxiety does not let you to decide which of multiple equally fun-sounding events to be a part of. So people are glued to their Smartphones obsessively checking mails WhatsApping , BBMing or posting on Twitter or individual blogs. As people post their minute-by-minute activities, thoughts, spotlight moments and achievements on social networking sites, it causes envy and restless inadequacy amongst others.

Everyone wants to be “someone”, someone influential who is looked upon and followed by many but so much dependency on the fun others are having is bound to have a negative impact on oneself leaving no scope to explore our own feelings, talents and potential. So let’s turn the fear of missing out within and figure out what we would most like to do for our ownselves ,independent of others. What is it that enhances life for you? What gives you feeling of completion and satisfaction? Let us focus on our own Bucket List rather than on fake ones created by others!

Bonaza over the weekend!

It was a Friday afternoon when the office work was done earlier than usual and like otherwise where most of my girl gang at workplace would have been sulking over household chores awaiting them on the weekend to follow they were all instead enthusiastic to kickstart the evening by pampering themselves at the Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, the largest Premium Lifestyle shopping mall, in India, that offers the best of international and national brand mix for the best of shopping where as a part of celebrating International Women’s month the Information desk at the mall would allow a free registration showing a valid corporate photo ID or a credit card or a valid four wheeler’s driver license by any Lady from the 8th March- 31st March would be given a Power Pack Brochure with 12 entries free to various outlets in the mall on weekdays only and the benefits of being registered would let oneself make full availability of it up til the end of June 2014.
A friend of mine told me that these Power Pack Benefits would include some as Free entry COUPONS to Snow World where Freezing Rains Snow world, a gastronomic adventure and a hub for cultural, sports and family activities and urban entertainment had Huge natural Snow filled Mountains and Snow Play area with crazy freezing climate that set the sense for a chilling experience and enjoyed real snow and Activities of sledging, sliding, warming in an Igloo with fire camp, enjoyed skating on the crystal clear ice, dashed few othermates with disco cars in chilled atmosphere let her totally spellbound & Drinks Free at Rain Forest where the dimly lit place has low hanging lights over each table and comfortable seating. Jungle creepers hanging over faux-rock walls around a huge projector TV gives the restaurant a simulated rainforest look good enough for a wild experience. The food menu highlighted Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines among the few to be listed also CASHBACK offers on a limited amount purchase done on more than 250+ Brands & Accessories as well as electronic gadgets with 5% cashback on downpayment without any BARGAIN or don’t know what would fit the bill? type of situation as price ranges would start right from an affordable price to meet higher end demands and Series of clothes and furniture that epitomizes the brand’s vision of discreet luxury with every creation made into a compelling combination of stunning weaves, prints, embroideries, sensuous materials and impeccable craftsmanship.
With otherwise no time left for oneself in a busy working environment this would be a great chance for all those lovely ladies to make themselves feel so special in a beautiful way !